Returning from a creative break (been mostly playing guitar and drawing in my sketchbook lately) i added some new artworks from 2017-2018: vogelperspektive, rostvogel, schaf im wolfspelz, pfau, tropical, wellenberge, banane, sauerei, ebenen, vintage I, vintage II, magma, wald

Art Catch Up

I Scanned and photographed my recent artwork and i noticed that i am currently doing a wild mix of drawings, paintings, and digital art. Enjoy friends: Die Auflösung I-IV, Map of the British Isles, All Eyes on me, Fabelhaft, Concrete, Rohrschach, Kritzelbilder I-IX. Fratze, Wasserlinie, Flamingos Origins, Tribal.

New Portait Drawing Class

My art teacher Zjelko is currently doing a new portait drawing class so i joined and was amazed how much geometry is involved in drawing a precise face. Circles, Lines, Squares, and proportions. I think i will need to draw more again so it is a good start.

New paintings, drawings, and prints

I uploaded a lot of my recent work and all stuff from the exhibition to the homepage. As i was doing also drawings and prints in a recent VHS course my portfolio is getting more diverse. I tried new techniques and combined a lot of contrasting things like tusche and acrylics, drawing and painting, or simply putting things together in a new way. Hope you like them, my second exhibition will start soon, i am very excited.

Exhibition "Gegensätze" @ VHS Stuttgart

My second exhibition Gegensätze / Opposites with the "Studiengang Bildende Kunst" is coming in July 2015 - April 2016. The vernissage will be at 13th of July at the Volkshochschule Ost (Ostendstr. 110) in Stuttggart. Together with Anja Mauch, Brigitte Müller, Christiane Bode, and Stephan Kambor-Wiesenberg I will show stuff that resulted from our course. We made paintings, drawings, and prints by applying various opposites.


In the second part of our Studiengang Bildende Kunst - a year long course at the Volkshochschule Stuttgart - we are focussing on drawings with all kinds of materials and pencils, pens, ink, paint, graphite, and more. I will upload more pictures of the course to the "art" section soon.

Jahresrückblick 2014

A very creative year is coming to an end. Instead of watching those stupid "Jahresrücklick" tv shows, I took some time to photograph and digitalize most paintings I did this year and uploaded it to my page: reflections, funkeln, betonwüste, coffee universe, paradiesvogel, antilope. Merry X-Mas and a happy new year everybody.

My First Exhibition

After auctioning two of my paintings for charity last year i now have first real exhibition inside the halls of SAP. For the next two months, I am showing 17 paintings in a large coffee corner in Walldorf. I was quite astonished when we were finished hanging the paintings, because i never saw so many of them next to each other. Quite impressive!


I've been drawing a lot lately and I have a lot of stuff that is ready to go to a larger canvas. Pencil sketches are nice, but these graphmarker pens are really awesome, not only for drawing comics but also for drafting stuff with really bright colors.


Added some new acrylic paintings from later this year, mostly abstract: schaumermal, space night, reflexe, martini mit olive, die anderen, this way! Have a great winter.

Space Invaders

Created a little win7 gimmick: the space invaders orb. You can download it here. Fits perfectly ith the space invaders boot screen. Enjoy!

Summer Course @ VHS

Added new acrylic paintings: paarweise, nachtschimmer, eingekreist

3 new analog art pieces

Uploaded some more works from my weekly VHS course: explosion part II, höhlenmalerei, heavy metal. Happy summer everybody

Added 8 new acrylics

Uploaded some works from my VHS course last autumn and a few paintings that i did at home between the years: aplenglühen, piercing, untitled_2012_3, buntes treiben, fleckenteufel, zugvögel, bphone.

Happy New Year & Tools updated

Updated my Tools Find-O-Mat, Roadmap-O-Mat, and Learn-O-Mat with several bugfixes and support for Windows 7 and 8. I included a 64bit version of the tools as well. If you are using the tools please download the latest version at the code section.


Added the digital artwork smartley. I might end up creating some more contents out of this one, not sure yet though. In the meantime i should get my latest acrylics photographed and uploaded between the years.

merry xmas!

Added the comic Snowman Spencer & Frosty Hill to the digital artworks section, a co-op with Norina during the comic painting course @ VHS Stuttgart. Merry Xmas everyone!

new acrylic artworks uploaded

Added some more acrylic artworks: deeper, explosion, flow, acryl spritz, wachstum

Just Married!

Finally, after all the planning and preparations, our marriage party took place today. And yes, we married officially a while before! Added a quick Bubble Bobble feature to the digital art section

summer course @ VHS Stuttgart

5 full days for painting together with a nice little group of hobbyists like me! Added the outcome to the art section: mr. mushroom, mrs. mushroom, bee on LSD, im bambuswald, die erklärung

5 new acrylic artworks

Added five new analog and one digital artworks to the art section: blattwerk, tulpen, sonne, mond, spread, greener. I had another course at VHS where i painted "sonne" and "mond", it was great!

New analog artworks

Added four new artworks that were piled somewhere in my room to the analog section: tucan, tube, blaupause, eruption. Still experimenting with lots of styles, hope you like it

fixed some bugs for chrome and no-flash browsers

In 2012 it is still tough to design a dynamic page that is displayed correctly on all recent browsers. Most annoying is Internet Explorer, tightly followed by Chrome

low version for mobile devices added

Added low resolution and effects version for all you smartphone and mobile devices addicts out there. The device should be recognized automatically, if not click on the "low" link in the options area / is online again

I finally finished my new design for this page and I hope you like the unique interface I implemented especially for this purpose. The design for this page lay on my drive for a long while but now I am very proud to present a fresh start for my personal page michaelgraf.2012 - Feel free to leave your mark in the "you" section or add me on facebook and drop a line